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    Enterprise purpose: to the market as the guide, to the quality of life, to manage for the protection, to the fundamental interests of customers.

    The core values of the enterprise: people-oriented, do seek excellence, harmony.

    Enterprise spirit: learning, innovation and open, harmonious development, law-abiding contribution.

    Enterprise mission: innovation flame retardant technology, protect green future.

    Enterprise and faith: the profits under the sun, moderate the relationship between money.

    Enterprise employee creed: the only professional, can only focus on excellence, and beyond;

    Enterprise management concept: work is the responsibility, everybody do his own thing, there is no best, only better!

    Enterprise management: specialization, standardization, standardization, system is changed.

    The direction of enterprise development: specialization, internationalization, standardization, scale.

    Enterprise development strategy:" refine on, reasonable utilization, sustainable development"

    Marketing concept: integrity promotion, harmonious marketing, win, the pursuit of excellence.

    Enterprise talent: talent is the ability, character is modestly, work is the responsibility.

    Enterprise style: bright, fast, strict, real

    Enterprise slogan:" there is no best, only better! Together, we have a bright future!"

    Enterprise Education: substandard work quality, equal to the work done.

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