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    Big red item temporarily stable prices

    Update date:2012-03-09


    Cochin rosewood (commonly known as the red acerbity branch ) as a traditional Chinese furniture used timber, value recognized by the market. In addition, Cochin on whether material oil toughness, density or color PhotoREt calm, material supply is relatively abundant, so a lot of the major manufacturers of production materials, opened a new factory in particular. Enter after 2012, in spite of Cochin Dalbergia in overall poor economic environment under the influence, the transaction is not active, the price also is in firm in go down trend, but with the traditional wood season approaching, the market confidence will be effective in boosting, a timber merchant is more optimistic about the outlook to Cochin fusca. The Cochin on diameter of more than 35-45cm, long 2m reported to 15-18 million yuan / ton, diameter 25-35cm, length 2m reported to the 10-12 million yuan / ton, diameter 15-25cm, length 2m reported to the 8.5-9 million yuan / ton.

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